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  1. Vox Populi, Vox Dei I’m not surprised at the generic looking choices left after the first poll, it’s somewhat expected with the target market. Although I was really hoping the Martian landscape/space ones made it though. Ah well, maybe next time.
  2. Bro relax on the quotation marks, you’re gonna run out of those if you keep going on like this
  3. If you’re on Firestorm you can use the Sound Explorer to find the sound source and/or the owner of it so you can get it removed: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_sound_explorer
  4. Can the mobile viewer render PBR? If not, I’ll just see snow everywhere when everyone uses Skye’s and others new PBR landscaping that doesn’t have fallback textures. So yes, it was a mistake I guess?
  5. Cherries did nothing wrong. I won’t stand cherries getting the brunt of it for whatever reason!
  6. I have also recently realised that I’ll get more joy out of my unused water parcel in a prime sea if others use it, and will be converting it into a public space/maybe GTFO dock.
  7. I feel so much pain just looking at this image. I can’t believe it’s real. Great work from the builders there.
  8. I think it’s because the Lindens have been Preoccupied & Busy with Responsibilities. Whoops my bad!
  9. I haven’t seen this in-world yet, but yeah tight corners like that and you’re relying on the mercy and good-will of other residents who we can hope are sensible enough to leave it clear. Unfortunately it’s often the case it’d be littered with things. But sometimes I also see people making an open waterway to let others pass through from their own personal land, which is nice and restores my faith in SL humanity.
  10. That actually looks pretty decent. I’m gonna update mine and check it on the phone & iPad! I wish they let us do rent payments soon, it’d be so handy for that.
  11. This is great, it think it should be included in LL’s & Bloatstorm 7’s TOS: “Before complaining about performance please check your artistic sensibilities.”
  12. This is why I love the SL forums. Little nuggets of genius assumptions so confidently spewed out in a great display of mental gymnastics. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.
  13. I love this argument. iF yOu DoN’T lIkE iT jUsT dO iT yOuRsElF gUyS
  14. The forum hivemind will be more than happy to tell you the beta versions were in testing for a looong time and everyone tested it, it's a you problem and you just need to get a better machine it's time to move on after 10 years blah blah blah
  15. That is gorgeous, nicely done. I love taking bird's eye view photographs of my builds and struggle with exactly that; low LOD is the most annoying thing ever. Even more annoying is being told by a creator making low LOD junk vehicles to increase your LOD in your viewer debug settings instead of, you know, making better things but I digress.
  16. Probably the new Skye PBR landscape textures seen in a non-PBR viewer Someone in a neighbouring sim did just that, and it looks like there's snow everywhere ❄️ ☃️
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