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  1. shopping for scripters is like going out to buy a car you can always see who offers you the better deal and who knows allot and gets it done quicker maybe finding the quicker one that knows allot would be better I want to learn scripting but in second life they charge to learn scripting as well like real life collage going into Development it's crazy if you ask me Ill never stop saying it life is always crazy I love it at the same time but it's just gets out of control sometimes.
  2. The projected that I have wanted to be built is already being built just to let everyone know but thank you for others who had contacted me about my idea I'm excited for the idea to come to life much appreciated!.
  3. Yes a board I'm gonna get the concept ready through another 3D World and make it then bring it inworld so you know what type you're creating. I just added you inworld it would not let me message you but I added you through the sl viewer
  4. estate job that is correct its also hard to find clubs that are pumping. though to with traffic. I do would like to help out the new clubs though none than less
  5. IF anyone wants to build me inworld working Yes and No board I Got a special designee for you to make and it must work with scripts I want the board to have a middle piece where it moves and flips inside the item frame how much would this cost me I got a Idea it's a spiritual testing since I feel things through the screen. Like wise Energies. The colors would be lapis blue and made of quarts and blocks of gold and a item frame to be used and a arrow called energy and at least 8 signs that I can change with it through a script like writing on a keyboard.
  6. hello second life universe I'm looking for someone to hire me in the basic following I know a thing or two in Hosting I'm very good at it I'm also looking to help sell land
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