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  1. Hi ChinRey and Quarrel, Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. I will keep in mind these information. And yes I see very low prim trees in SL and always wonder how to make them (just 2 or 3 prims)
  2. Hi ChinRey, Thank you sooo much for taking your time to explain things nicely and detailed. Your tips are very helpful. Now I need to learn how to make that physics model you illustrated. Yeah I think I should just try to make a simple tree like you without many branches. I would appreciate if you can tell me how to do the UV map for alpha leaves. So I will have 3 different UV maps?(main tree, branches and leaves) Thank you so much for your kind help again!
  3. Hi There, I am new to Blender and learning how to create simple things and upload them into SL. I want to create a simple tree (non-animated) and upload it to SL. I am using Blender 3.1 and so far I have managed to make a tree/leaves and apply texture to the tree trunk and branches. But I really do not understand how to do the UV mapping ( I have Alpha texture for leaves, wood texture for the trunk and the branches. So 3 separate parts) Also i'm not sure how to reduce the prim count, what physics model to use to upload. Can anyone help me to provide some guidance or some links to tutorials please? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot!
  4. For more information please visit the site, https://charmgirl81.wixsite.com/steven-home-rentals
  5. The problem is resolved now. Someone really kind helped me. The text was hovering above a transparent child prim above the root prim. Thank you so much everyone
  6. I can get all the other object properties except OBJECT_TEXT which is very odd. How can I find out if an object is a linkset? Thank you Qie
  7. Hi there, can someone please explain me why i am unable to capture the hover text on some objects? I was able to capture the hover text of an object using llGetObjectDetails((string)llDetectedKey(0),[OBJECT_TEXT]) But for some objects (which has active script in it) won't detect the hover text. I am confused. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  8. Thank you so much Rolig Loon. I will try this
  9. Hi There, I am new to LSL Scripting and I am wanting to create a script. My idea is to rez a prim (lets say prim 1) next to another prim (prim 2) which has a hover text. And I want prim 1 to detect/sense the prim 2's hover text and send a message to me. Can you please provide some guidelines how to implement this? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!
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