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  1. hello all this is new too me looking to sell my recently purchased 30k region due to rl circumstances recently brought on the 6th june so this is the billing date not sure how much I should be asking? also how do i know if its grandfathered or not thanks for your help buyer must pay the transfer fee also If inter3sted message me via inworld at xxcookieyum
  2. hi currently looking for a homestead Have a full region so wantING a homestead too Anyone have one? I'm inworld xxcookieyum
  3. Hello looking for a landscaper to decorate and terraform my 30k region i brought myself Would love to see examples of previous work and prices etc and timeframes for completion id interested please message me via inworld @XxCookieYum Thanks xx
  4. Hi Looking to sell my 30k Region as no longer need this PleasE im me Via Inworld at XXcookieyum Offers as i have No idea what i should be asking for it? First time selling My region TIA
  5. ah i not received a email from linden labs at all as checked aLL FOLDErs i did go on live chat but they said it has be submitted via ticket as its not something they can do on live chat plus they told me they had no imformation to tell me what it was
  6. So today I went to an event on my other account and i accidentally accepted a friends request (profile was 7yrs old) Then 2 minutes Later Linden recovery took my Ls then all of a sudden it said i had been logged off by an administrator then my account was Put on hold my Linden Labs any idea what this could be>
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