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  1. Hello all thanks for taking the time to read over my post. I was possibly interested in opening my own roleplay sim that plays out the storyline and official characters of a book series that has also been adapted into film by a major company. While investigating roleplay sims that are currently open with this same origin, I have noticed nearly all are essentially fanfics from the same world of a book/film but does not offer any official storylines or have official character appearances- except, of course, the Middle Earth roleplay that has legal approval from the Tolkien Estate. This, then, brought into question the legality of opening an RP sim with official storylines played out and official character appearances within Second Life, strictly through roleplay means, or if I would be banned/sued for opening such a place even though I intend to have absolutely no profit made from anything. And I want to emphasized this - I want *zero* profit from such a sim as it would 110% be a hobby, and I do not plan on selling anything that could remotely violate TOS. Any input on this topic would be so greatly appreciated, and if I think of further questions I will update this initial post. [EDIT] I want to clarify what I mean by 'fanfic' - I am referencing that most sims I found that are roleplaying a book/movie/tv show were within the same 'world' of the story but in a completely different time frame as the official storyline and 100% of the roleplay characters involved are made up (such as a Star Trek roleplay sim does not have a Captain Picard leading the Enterprise spaceship). My main question, with Star Trek as my example, is would I be breaking any laws/rules if I opened a Star Trek sim with someone roleplaying as Captain Picard, speaking with his personality, but not pasting exact quotes from the episodes in every conversation and there is no profit to be made.
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