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  1. yeaaaaah well~ i think that does kinda suck a little if you dont see all the information which you gave out like a decade ago. nowadays you dont even need age verification, just the age you put up if you register a new account. back then also that teenage sl stuff was a thing and just plain chaos. i doubt it would cause any trouble if i would go ahead and request a fix for that.. but i dont even know what it really says now since you cant find the date anywhere.. i would just wonder where my identity went which i put up a decade ago. but now.. that age doesnt really matter anymore i guess i can live without that information then since nobody cares about it anyway.
  2. Hello! Ive been googling all day long how to find out where i can see the age of my real life self when i once registered to second life. I know back then we had to get an ID to do some age verification. But is it possible to see deeper informations about your own account? I know what my SL age is but i would like to see more specific informations about my own account such as my real birthday. Thanks
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