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  1. I will learn from that.. thank you molly. really appreciate it
  2. I working for the HUD, now I use show/hide alpha to display a new window for my HUD. but I want to make HUD like maitreya HUD, I think they move a prims to another location, Please help me how to do that. I attach the image of maitreya HUD Thank you
  3. thank you @Xiija its working thank you @Rolig Loon thank you @Profaitchikenz Haiku
  4. I see thank you, can you help me with this script ? so the object (with 2nd button click) back to original position ? thank you so much
  5. thank you for reply r * rotSwing or rotSwing*r both are work for me, my problem is the second touch (button) the object didn't come to original position (-90"), its keep moving 90" left
  6. yes its work, but the movement bit different with originial script. with last script the object turn 360", but with original script the object only turn 90" and second touch the object back to original position. thank you
  7. thank you for reply, yes I want to rotate other object with separate button. I try to follow your instruction, maybe I do something wrong, because its not working Is it correct script ? Please help, thank you.
  8. Hello, I found a script here, its rotating a object 90" when you touch the object here the script and its work great, but I want create two object, one as button and other one the object that rotating. please help me thank you
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