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  1. turning on alpha masking did indeed work. now i just have to remake textures since it cant have alphas. im ok with that
  2. Quick question is: Is there a limit to the amount of alpha textures that can be displayed at one given time while an object is attached to your hud? Detailed problem: I have a Hud that I have been working on for a group of RP sims. It uses an unusual large amount of xyzzytext. This is mainly because I dont have the skills to do anything else since as far as i know the only alternatives are all outside of SL scripting. The pictures below show one panel of the hud about weapons and armor that players can input for use on the sims. When The hud is on the ground and not attached it seems to work perfectly fine. However when i attach the hud some of the xyzzytext disappears This one is Not attached to the hud space. This is what happens when i attach it to the hud space. The top four names disappear. I have attempted to do a basic script that just effects those tiles but it did nothing while attached. I thought it might be a glitch so i passed it to multiple alts and the same thing.
  3. string AddBigNum(string cAddend1, string cAddend2) { integer nLength1 = llStringLength(cAddend1); integer nLength2 = llStringLength(cAddend2); integer nLongerLength; if (nLength1 > nLength2) nLongerLength = nLength1; else nLongerLength = nLength2; integer i; string cResult = ""; integer nCarry = 0; integer nDigit1; integer nDigit2; for (i = -1 ; i >= -nLongerLength ; i--) { nDigit1 = (integer)llGetSubString(cAddend1,i,i); nDigit2 = (integer)llGetSubString(cAddend2,i,i); cResult = (string)((nDigit1+nDigit2)%10+nCarry) + cResult; nCarry = (nDigit1+nDigit2)/10; } if (nCarry > 0) cResult = (string)nCarry + cResult; return cResult; } This Works For adding at the moment. Just need to figure out how to subtract with it now. I keep reading what everyone is posting but honestly I don't understand what people are saying or how it would relate to scripting.
  4. I thought of a different way to handle this if i can accomplish it. Going to make the main variable a string and keep the large number in. When someone wants to do something with that number. Ill take the number they submit with the main number.. using substring ill pull each of the numbers.. do the math then take the remainder to the next number.. add it all back into a string and be done... That makes it sound easy to me but ill find out if thats true today or tomorrow as i can get back on the computer.
  5. I was tasked with creating a HUD for a RP group. So far its been going really well and I have scripted the majority of it. I have now ran into a problem that I cant even seem to wrap my head around. This RP community not only has individual people but they also have entire planets with running governments. Money is a problem with entire planets having way over the 2.2. billion limit for integers. I'm having a really hard time trying to come up with a way to get around the 2.2 billion integer limit while sticking within LSL scripting. I cannot figure out how to make a webpage to do it for me. I have tried for months. My current line of thought was to store the whole number in a string and pull out parts of it that I would need to do the math. Unfortunately I cant seem to figure out how to make that work when someone wants to do more then 2 billion in a transaction. Anyone have any suggestions?
  6. I was just being very dumb and forget that the escape character existed for a moment. Everything works perfect now. Thank you everyone.
  7. I am currently using LSL Experiences for the data storage part of the design. The google sheets was read only and was being used for ease of use by the admins of the sim I'm designing this for. They don't like notecards and scripting to make changes was to difficult for them. I was able to get past the authentication problems and now I'm just trying to learn how to exclude the # symbol from the incoming body of the request. Everything else is working perfectly fine. I learned how to pull parts of the data from Google although i have to say the amount of data I can pull from sheets is remarkable low needing for multiple pulls.
  8. Yes thank you. i have been working through that since I saw the link. Currently attempting to solve a "code": 403 "message": "The caller does not have permission" "status": "PERMISSION_DENIED problem. Set the API up, got my API key as well. just reading through trying to solve it.
  9. Ok, thank you. Had hoped for a lsl solution since I have no luck with other languages. Ill read and see what I can figure out. Hopefully it will be easier then im thinking.
  10. I'm going to guess that is something to do with the API for google? I'm not sure how to even get started using that.
  11. I double checked and made sure that it was published under a csv. When I use what I have scripted it shows the first full 18 rows of data and then it cuts off. The sheet has 114 rows and 13 columns so tons of data. The information it does pull it is just the data I need and no formatting information so that leads me to think I did set it to csv as well. It pulls so little information though that it makes me feel like something isn't going right. Its very simple script at the moment since I have been testing anything I can think of to pull more data but maybe someone will see something stupid I did. default { state_entry() { httpkey=llHTTPRequest(URL, [HTTP_BODY_MAXLENGTH,16384] ,"");} http_response(key id, integer status, list meta, string body) { DataList = llParseString2List(body, [",","\n"], [] ); RowCount = llGetListLength(llParseStringKeepNulls(body, ["\n"], [])); CellCount = llGetListLength(DataList); ColumnCount = CellCount/RowCount; llSay(0,"Total number of cells: "+(string)CellCount); llSay(0,"Total number of rows: "+(string)RowCount); llSay(0,"Total number of columns: "+(string)ColumnCount); string Tempstring = llDumpList2String(DataList, "~~"); llSay(0,"list - "+ Tempstring); DataList = []; } }
  12. I have seen a product in world that uses google sheets as its database and pulls in more than the max limit for the body. Does anyone have any clues or guesses how they might have accomplished that?
  13. I tried for years to learn how to make a php, sql database but failed time and time again so I'm not capable of that. I am already reading the data from google sheets fine and it works but the problem is in the body length limit. It seems that Linden has a hard cap setup within the llHTTPRequests so that it will only pull the first 16Kb of data from the request. Im trying to find away around that.
  14. I am currently scripting something that uses google sheets as a database for ease of editing the information that needs to change for the object I'm scripting. The object is just a role-play HUD that allows for full characters to be made. The majority of the data is already being stored using a Experience with key pairs. Unfortunately the admins of this system cannot maintain the database through scripts and needed something more user friendly. Google Sheets seemed perfect for the solution however I am running into a problem with the body length limit in the system. The information that they need to keep is much longer then the set limit. I was shown another object by someone else that uses google sheets and pulls all the data from it which is clearly more data then the body limits. So my question is how to do I pull more information then the body limit for llHTTPRequests ? I already have the HTTP_BODY_MAXLENGTH set to max while using mono to compile. I'm sure there has to be a way since this over object I was shown is doing it. Just cant seem to figure it out on my own. Thank you.
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