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  1. Hey I'm Ashlee this will more than likely be my last forum for a while. But I am single and I'm not necessarily looking for a relationship but whatever happens happens I am looking for someone to roleplay my 1 year old daughter Alice Heart so if you are interested you can hit up my IM and just let me know, I don't bite Any questions? Why not just IM me?? ***IM NOT ACTIVE ON FOURMS SO IF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY INTRESTED DM ME IW*** (IW @bhadhabbits)
  2. Hii I'm Ashlee, I've been on sl for 6 months. Well experienced. And I figured I'd give a chance to explore more and meet more people and make my friends list grow. I do not have sl parents but I am open to it. As well as cousins, aunts grandparents and ETC And I have a daughter on the way. I'm just now starting Beyou , I mostly use Xeolife though. I'm very family oriented , FUNNY, and sometimes a brat haha. But I promise its worth it. I do have a house I'm currently decorating and I'm open to roommates as well just let me know. And I am single as well not really looking for a relationship but I will take whatever my heart brings me to also I am bisexual. I'm willing to make new friends with others that have just started. If I can help, I don't mind. Fun fact, I also do custom shapes I usually charge 1k but just depends, I'm willing to work with others and that's about it. If your interested hmu IW! @bhadhabbits here is a picture of my avi!
  3. Hi I'm Ashlee, Long story short just looking for any jobs besides DJ available. (I love DJ'S but i cant DJ for nothing lol😁) I'm willing to work weekdays and weekends and I'm looking for job I can be committed to. You can DM me IW @bhadhabbits
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