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  1. Hello I’m maliha, I’m starting a store brand my opening date is close and I like to have things plan out and organized, I’m looking for someone who can edit my Ads and possibly give me a new logo idea, somebody’s who’s willing to work with me I’m just a Mesher, photoshop and I don’t go well AT WELL XD This post will not be monitor! Contact me in world all my message goes to my email ! (IW: maaliha)
  2. Hello reader, my name is Maliha My skills - Great communication - Sale persons -Motivated - great costumer service -Good management skills ( if I don’t know something I’m a fast learner and willing to pick up new skills ) My schedule is flexible, you can contact me in multiple ways via in world, Instagram, discord I know how to use sl with Nc, monitoring group, my avi is wellll put together full mesh ( NOT looking for a dancer or escort job) No host, but Djing is the one thing I would like to learn/try i have experience In management, sales person, representing somebody, and I could get Something sells Thank you for reading ❤️ you can send me a message on IW or Post under …….. THIS WILL BE MONITORED
  3. Why isnt any jobs for people on a new account? and I'm still looking for work
  4. Im new to Sl Under 30days. i have a mesh head and mesh body. I just need to find work.
  5. Hell everybody, I just want someone to talk with or shop with on sl. Sl is very boringggg if your just playing by your self I'm not old enough to get a job on sl to meet people there and I'm kinda awkward in chat hotspot but I speak freely in dm So give me a message ^^ IW : maaliha
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