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  1. Many thanks for all of you guys, my payment issue at last ended.
  2. Hi Rowan Amore Said, my payment issue is solved, thank you for your concern
  3. Hi everybody, I am a graphic designer, and new here.. i need somebody host me to his land for a period time temporarily, because i can`t rent du card issue , I would appreciate itπŸ™
  4. I meant, report incident to their team
  5. I have sent a ticket, and they answered me to change payment method, two credit card not working !! Thanks for your assistance πŸ™‚
  6. Me to i have issue with my credit card, already sent a ticket, they answered me back to change payment method! I have 2 deferent credit cards and both not working, i don't know what to do!!
  7. HI, Could you please guide me to these places because, i have some issue with my credit card and i cant pay to rent! I am a graphic designer and new here, and need some help until fix my problem!
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