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  1. Hello, I was about to open my Marketplace shop in SL. Today i gave all my payments and infos them they needed and then was the way ,how to create my shop. As i went to My Marketplace-> My Shop or at all, second Life Marketplace, i got this message https://gyazo.com/89827167891f979d81e158655349f375 It is in german, means- sometimes hapens, try again. It shows up,if you don't accept cookies. I did accept cookies and try since logner time to get in marketplace. This load mistake shows upeven if it ry now to get at all on MP. Can someone help me please??? I did pay money and now can't create my shop cuz of this message. Funny,that i can go on MP and buy stuff,but can't create my own account. This message shows always up,if i go on Merchant Home, My store or My Account. Thnx and i hope,someone reacts and helps me. Lily
  2. Oka,y but why after changing it writes-> your name been changed to... Normaly they don't accept characters them aren't allowed and ask u to use other ones. This update of firestorm is anyways a bit weird to. In past we had different lightenign settings, now can't set even simple land sky styles to make photos, coz there are 2 balls over them u roll,but ok,that's not Sl issue. With names anyways,that's for sure a technical issue. It shouldn't accept the name. This characters are allowed,i seen on many avatars them and used msot of them before to.
  3. Hello dear team, already second time today i tried to change my name-> ·.·ズ (lilysoul) to name ·.·ズ𝒾ℓ𝓎·.·(lilysoul). As we know, Display name we can change only 1x per week. I changed,it was even changed and accepted and now after i relog back to SL it is back to this -> ·.·ズ (lilysoul). 2 weeks now i have to walk with this already, but can someone finally fix that issue that i can use myname -> ·.·ズ𝒾ℓ𝓎·.·(lilysoul) without that it hops back to that weird ·.·ズ ? I really feel bad, coz already second time the same situation and then i have to wait one more week. Please check this problem and i hope it will get to .·ズ𝒾ℓ𝓎·.·(lilysoul). It is accepted and saved,but after a while the old issue again. Thank you. Greets, Lily
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