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  1. Hi Annie, your request seems pretty simple honestly. Let me know if you want my help in-world, I don't need to charge you for anything. Estimates vary a lot based on the head/body you choose. My recs: Head: Lelutka ~$3k Body: Maitreya (best for slimmer physiques) $2.5-3k? I forget. If you want smaller boobs you can get the petite add-on Skin: for ginger skintone/freckles I recommend Pepe Skins, DeeTaleZ, Sessions for hyperrealism, these are usually $1k-1.5k including body skin appliers Shape: Make your own, or buy. I like minou minou for $300. I'm happy to help you with it too Hair
  2. Hi Rynnine, I know dancer job that pays $50L an hour plus 80%-90% of tips. IM me in-world at nadeshikou for details!
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