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  1. Thank you so much KT Kingsley. It's greatly appreciated!
  2. I've tried to look up documentation and videos. I know that a mesh is the basis of a model. The quads and tris and polys that make up what you see. In the span of a 3D Sim like SL, what's the different for player models and pieces? I've tried to even look up some SL tutorial videos and I still struggle to understand what the difference is between: Meshes Skins Outfits BOM I'm not necessarily looking for a completely pro/con breakdown, but for someone relatively new (I've been playing very off and on over the past year) it still confuses me. Even a link to an article would be nice. I appreciate your help! EDIT: I am not inworld. PM on here is appreciated or Discord: Requeum#4671
  3. I should also say to send any inquiries if not here then to to the profile on here. I'm not currently in-world.
  4. I'm new to Second Life. My account says it's older than I've used it, but I've always wanted to dip into it. I'm curious on the expected pricing of an export of a model I own. So I have my own 3D model of a character I'm wanting to export to SL. It's already been rigged, weighted, textured, everything. Even some emission maps for the glow that may need tweaking. I've read the documentation and understand that the hierarchy has to follow SL's own naming. Admittedly, it's partially my own impatience. I've tried Avastar repeatedly, even with the guide of the some of the residents that have built it. I've either been confused or so close yet so far in working with Blender. The model is humanoid, but heavily armored. It's SFW. The only minor inconveniences would be the 1) the tail, 2) the shoulder pads and 3) the 'eyes'. But it lacks a mouth and has fewer 'toes' so simplicity's sake. On top of this the model itself in the file is in an A-Pose as well... At this point I'm more than willing to discuss payment in Lindens. Image Below: (Glossiness is only a result of Blender's rendering) I thank you all for taking the time to read this.
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