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  1. ani właściciel działki, ani założyciel grupy nie są dostępni.I wrote to each of them several times,unfortunately not all are honest. Thank you for all your help and best regards
  2. I've been waiting for a week
  3. I tried contact several times to no avail
  4. hello I paid for the land rent 14.01.21 no reaction from the plot owner (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Astarte/4/78/30) Despite the fact that I wrote no answer several times,what should i do in this case? I wrote to the support, then answer Thank you for contacting us and for your patience. We are sorry to hear that you've had an issue with a transaction with another Second Life user. The Second Life economy functions on connections between resident-creators and resident-customers such as yourself. Much as the Internet allows customers to find the products they want, Second Life exists to allow individuals to share their creations and services with those who wish to purchase and enjoy them. As a result, the transaction between residents is a personal one—direct and without a middle man. When purchasing content or making other transactions, including land rentals, within Second Life, you, as a customer, create an agreement with the person from whom you've purchased. As such, the only person who can assist with the product or service that you've purchased is the other party in your agreement—the seller. Contacting the Resident directly is the best and only way to resolve a problem with a purchased item or service. Please be certain to do so as soon as possible. Best Regards,
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