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  1. the rlv is unchecked on my preferences
  2. thanks guys,but i dont think it will work,will be just like sendind a nude picture,if the hud works like that ,that i hope,i just gotta wait and evoid the places,hope that thing dont have a tracking script,,cause i changed sim and he raped me again. or was a MEGA COINCIDENCE she gone to the same sim.
  3. yes first was a hug and then she changed to sex raping me lol i had 0 control
  4. i asked a friend that have a similar Hud of this taget capture thing,she can release me or if she gets another target the previous are free,so i gotta wait until she forget me or get another victim.I did that revoke permission but she followed me to other sim and continued doing that.
  5. Hello someone sent a invite of a "hug" to me and now i kinda under her powers now,she does things to my avy without any invite now or consent,how did stop it? and its not rlv cause i don't know a thing about it so its probaly off.
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