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  1. I am going to reach out to the creator in the near future. Thank you
  2. If I understand what I just read in between or responses, Lelutka went EVO so Omega applier will only work on eyes now. Thanks for everything Skell, you have been a tremendous help.
  3. Rock Tattoo Unisex Horse and Dragon V5 I agree it should be included in the "body" tattoo and show up. One thing i did not test was if the neck tattoo would show up on the neck if I turned off Head BOM. I'll check that out now. No luck. I'm lost lol.
  4. I want to thank you all for your replies. I will look into all of them. About the neck join @Skell Dagger, I didn't even notice in the pictures that it isn't showing. There is a small amount of tattoo that runs onto the front of my neck. I can see it on me now, but what I didn't see until now is the HUD - Neck Tattoo, which I am about to add and click apply. Correct, my body hair is not part of the skin itself, nor from the Signature Gianni body hair pack, but it is BOM and advertised to work with Signature Gianni. Ok, so I added the HUD - Neck Tattoo and clicked apply but nothing ch
  5. Hello and thanks for reading this: I'm new to SL, and I have an issue with my hair all of a sudden for no known reason. The hair falling on my chest doesn't render like it has been for the past 2 weeks. It just started last night when I put a new shirt I bought on. But now with it off, and switching to or from any other outfit it happens. If I detach/add the hair it's fine, but as soon as I change outfits it comes back. I'm using Firestorm Viewer (updated), Signature Gianni v5.0 body (SL Neck) (BOM), Signature Gianni Default skin 5, Lelutka Skyler 2.5 head (BOM), Lelutka Skyle
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