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  1. Thanks everyone. I only have a Maitreya body and really the jewellery was for personal use primarily. I thought maybe i would sell them too if they were any good but that is not the main aim. But it sounds like i won't be able to make Maitreya ones. I will have a look at one of the free body kits and try to learn anyway
  2. Oh ok, i have no idea how Avastar even looks, i've not seen it. So it shows you the body then. I suppose I will have to download it but then it I can't get the Maitreya model it's impossible fo me to get started. So it kind of sucks they don't give it out to beginners.
  3. This is what I wondered. Seeing as I just want to rig something very small, could I get just the weights for these positions without needing a full Maitreya kit? It sounds like it is just some numbers I need to put into Avastar. Maybe I need to ask some people privately to tell me the numbers I need. I am happy to just make this for Maitreya to start with and maybe add more in the future. Thank you!
  4. I have learned how to make simple things like bars and rings in Blender and make them *shiny* silver in SL but they are all unrigged. This is OK for ears because you can just attach them to a point and they stay there. But I understand that to make nipple rings for a mesh body I would need to make them into rigged mesh. I have heard a bit about this but I am confused about a few things. Helpfully someone can explain! I have been told that I need to know weights in order to make things rigged for different mesh bodies. Is it true that I would have to apply to mesh body makers t
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