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  1. my firestorm version is Really can't understand how in your case the program is smooth because I am really far from a good result. I think with high settings and low resolution I don't have more than 10 fps.
  2. I used also high setting and is a lot worse then low settings.
  3. please explain me why? I did a new installation of sl (both sl viewer and firestorm) , I have a MacBook Pro m1 13 inch and also with low settings the game is unplayable (probably run under rosetta with both viewers). With the same internet connection with my desktop pc sl runs very smooth
  4. Impossible. I have MacBook Pro m1. I am about 10 FPS with all graphics down.
  5. Yea I have a MacBook Pro m1 and sorry second life don’t runs well. Still unplayable .. less then 10 FPS with all graphics down and window under hd.
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