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  1. I play live music in SL, and I am always interested to maximise the sound quality of the music stream. I usually stream using Icecast at 256kbps, in ogg/vorbis format - as that is the best bandwidth-to-quality compromise I have found. Streaming tech has progressed in the last few years and I would like to try other formats, especially Opus. https://opus-codec.org/ The word on pro audio forums that I generally trust is that Opus in a superior format, with better quality to bandwidth ratio. I haven't tried it myself but I would like to. So my questions are: What formats are currently supported in the SL viewer (and/or firestorm)? (The only ones I have got to work are mp3 and vorbis) Will there be more supported formats in the future? Especially what is the likelihood of Opus support? Since all the SL viewer is doing is decoding an external stream, supporting more formats should be a fairly simple matter of dropping in some boilerplate decoding code/libraries for additional formats.
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