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  1. Hi Dear, you can also register for Slave Auction and the right Dominant will find you and buy you, there are places and groups for this (Say SAG Slave Auction Group), You can also earn some lindens while living your kinks
  2. Hi All, I have been RPing in SL for almost 3 years now, and RP is what takes up my most of time inworld, However at various points I find people annoying during a Roleplay.... Say, I am in a shopping area and I got friends with a guy there, and then we started some RPs together like Partying on beach, we didn't had anything sexual till then, But out of nowhere one day, he started me to have sex with him and forcing me for it... Or Say, sometimes during a RP people are just asking you questions even not waiting for your reply, that irritates me... So what's that irritates you
  3. Hi all, I am learning to Roleplay in SL and one thing that I loved is when the Dominants humiliate and degrade me, abuse me for their pleasure, If you do it well, maybe we can become friends inworld
  4. Thank you, Actually I would have moved it myself after your comment but as I am new I don't know how to do it actually
  5. Hey Rowan, this is a RP forum and mine is just a topic, I guess I can have it here, I just read the rules, its only after consent
  6. Hi Can you please provide the link, or where can I post this to be appropriate
  7. Hi all Please humiliate me and degrade me, you can call me anything you like, I am a new slave and exploring myself as one
  8. Hi all, I have always played a slave role in SL, Please come humiliate and degrade me in all the ways you can, if things are good, We can meet inworld and have lots of fun... I am here just for some good humiliation and degradation so I can get better in my inworld RPs
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