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  1. this helped wonders! i had no idea about this, i just tried it out and i was able to put on everything i had already bought! thank you so much, this is a life saver T_T
  2. so i just bought my first avatar, avatar 2.0, it's a nice blend of anime and realistic which i really like. i thought that i'd be able to use the clothes i already bought with it but when i put something on, my characters body turned invisible and whenever i tried to put the body back on, it's unequip the thing i had put on. is there anything i can do about this or do i have to buy avatar 2.0-specific clothing? there's not many things that fit my style in the selection available and i already spent quite a bit of L$ on non-avatar 2.0 clothing...
  3. i used to rp a lot in second life back when i was like. 10 years old when teen second life still existed (loooong time ago, i'm a second life veteran LMAO) but took an extremely long hiatus from the game. now that i'm back on a new account, i'm looking to get back into rping and find a community to call my home. are there any active rp communities out there that still have plenty of members running about? there was one that i was really interested in, "beneath the surface"? but it looks like it's gone cuz i can't find it anywhere. i'm looking for something that's like urban fantasy, allow
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