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  1. Yeah a reason or a explanation why would be nice.
  2. all he got was a note saying he broke TOS but not how or anything.
  3. if this was the first time yeah, but they dont reply or answer. There is no reason for a ban and no answers to what is going on. We where only guessing the progeny thing as there is nothing els, he logs in and hangs out with me on our land. he went to check out the eternal wars games but has hardly been on the past week. his av has been on but he has been afk.
  4. So my partner has been banned yet again with no reason why. He has sent in tickets and gotten no reason reply's. 1st time he gave up and made a new account, that was banned soon after. So he made a new account and tried again, He has been AFK allot this past week doing stuff in real life, and AFK at our home with me. He got back from doing some things in rl to find his game was down, he tried to log on only to get the notice that Logging failed, We are unable to complete your request at this time. Please contact Second Life support for assistance. He has done that with a couple tickets, I have also put in a ticket for his behalf. There is no reply and get ignored. He did play and got a fare way within a hud game called prodigy. With that (as in any grid wide battle game) he has some haters. We suspect that someone within the game put in fake reports, the type linden labs take seriously and don't ask for proof for, and has resulted in him being banned. As other then shopping, playing the hud games and hanging out on our land are the only things we do in second life and even then, he has been afk 80% the time this week doing renovations in rl. [Moderator Edit: Username Removed] is the latest av to have been banned.
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