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  1. in fact I've seen a hud like this, when you go to a sim or a sandbox it updates automatically without IM or writing in the chat, it only changes the numbers on the prim porter in the hud. as in the picture example thanks for your patience
  2. I would just like the prim counter to update automatically when I rez or delete a prim without anything indicated in the chat just indicate it in the numbers on my prim example : 16/677 i rez on prim exemple : 17/677 just that the text above my prim changes automatically without indicating any information in the chat room I hope my English is not too bad. I apologize. ^^
  3. a big thank you for your sharing on the other hand I am obliged to click on the cube to update the new number of prim in the field when I rez a cube or other prim do you think there is a way to have the same thing with the text but without having to click on the prim to update the new number of prim present on the sim big thx Sabrina
  4. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a script that shows the number of prim on a sim with the maxium with only text above a prim (it's to put in a hud). Example : Prims : 154/689 a big thank you if anyone has this in their inventory
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