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  1. Sadly, I'm having this issue, as well. Hopefully something will be done about it soon. >:
  2. Consider yourself lucky you managed to get in... I've had the same issue, and haven't able to login for hours now... >:
  3. Sadly, none of these seem to fit my issue. I did just reboot my router to see if that would help, but no dice. >:
  4. I've tried that too. Still the same problem. >:
  5. All my friends can log into the region I'm in no problem, and they saw me vanish when I logged out. Though it did take a bit longer than usual before my viewer closed out when I did.
  6. So, just a short while ago, I got hit by a massive lag spike, so I logged out to try and refresh my connection. Then, when I try logging in, it won't let me, instead hanging on Logging In... before kicking me back out saying something went wrong. Is there any way to fix this? I tried reinstalling my viewer, and rebooting my computer, as well as trying a different viewer. Still same results.
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