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  1. Hey, I am also following this thread because I am starting to learn RP in SL too. I would also like to join a beginner friendly groups. Or we can just meet in-world in practice too
  2. Thanks for that. I do intend to apologize and let him go and will do that now. It's only been a couple of hours. I thought it was strange and quiet sudden too and felt quiet weird about it. So I joined this forum to ask, if this was normal.
  3. Hi, I am pretty new on SL, five days in actually. I am still exploring and seeing what kind of experiences SL have and if it will suit my needs. I am meeting interesting and wonderful people everyday. As I was going about my day exploring, I stumbled into a male av with a collar on with a female beside him, so I ignored them and moved on. There was no one around and she asked me if he was mine. I said no, and he didn't belong to her either. This led me to leashing him and being his owner whilst the female (who is now my friend) asked me if I would like to keep him. So she walked me
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