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  1. So I have only been in SL for a few weeks and still have an overwhelming space to explore but where are the SL grannies and grandpas at? I did find one group in-world but the members do not seem to be quite active. The rest I stumbled upon were very disturbing: advanced age fetish clubs >.<
  2. Where I am from it is a cultural expectation that the man pays for everything; we have no concept of 50/50 or splitting bills here and it is the bare minimum requirement that the man provides. The mentality here is that if you are a man and your girlfriend or wife still has to work to make ends meet, maybe you should stay single. A bit old-fashioned I admit but this is one of those RL things that bleed into my SL so if I were single and met someone I liked enough to be in a relationship with whether in SL or RL (I am already married in RL and play a grandma avatar on SL so no dating for me), i
  3. Ajumeoni

    2 prices?

    What does it mean when an item (usually furniture or decor) has 2 prices?
  4. New to SL and roleplaying. Count me in if you need a grandmother 🙂
  5. Hello, just moved to SL from VU and decided to live as the cool granny here! Are there other RP grandma or grandpa avis on SL? I mean presenting as elderly people, not “grandparents” in the I am 4572+ days old sense. Need help assembling my character who is in the 60 to 70 age range, Chinese or Mongolian descent, looks like Crazy Rich Asians actress Lisa Lu. Where do you get decent realistic-looking mature skins? Hair is not a problem since I noticed most styles come in ash and silver tones, and I do not worry much about the body since I will be super covered up anyway, but how about the head
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