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  1. 12 hours ago, Tazzie Tuque said:

    I wish you well in your endeavours.  I am not a well known designer nor is my store that well known despite the fact that I have been doing it in SL for over 15 years.  The reason for that is I am a horrible promoter lol.  I am low key, not pushy, nor flashy and I pretty much do this because I enjoy the artistic component of making clothing.  Having said that,  I have to say that not all bloggers are equal in the quality of what they put out..  A few years back I started doing some fairs and events,  hoping that might increase sales and get more folks to know about my store.  So the events and fairs all had a team of bloggers they use.  So as instructed, I sent my stuff to the bloggers.  To my horror and I do mean horror,  one blogger presented my items in a way that left me speechless and angry.  The three dresses were presented on avatars that were way and I mean way distorted in shape which did not make my clothes flattering in the least..  and to top that off the background was so busy that it was hard to focus on the clothing,  and I won't even get into the ridiculous poses used.  I even had a few loyal customers send me an IM asking me how on earth I could have allowed that blogger to present my stuff in such an ugly way.  Hence, I have not used bloggers since.  IF I was to I would need absolute approval on anything BEFORE it got out there to the public, and if I did not like it I would need to be sure the blogger either fixed it or axe the whole thing.  I pretty much do my own sort of blogging on Flickr, but certainly not an official blog but at least artistic, uncluttered and flattering to my clothing.

    So there you have my thoughts on what I know of Bloggers.  But having said that there are a few I follow on Flickr who I respect and think they do a very good job.  But they are about 2% of what is out there.

    Thank you for your take! 

    I think that’s why blogger searching is very important and checking out who you send your items too! I’m not really one to throw social links under a comment but I have them on my profile for everyone to see. Everyone has different tastes and sometimes how ppl choose to wear your creations won’t match your taste but it matches theirs and their consumer base enjoys it. Style and fashion is personal and so is editing 💖 but I do see your point! 

  2. I've taken up fashion blogging for SL for fun and I want to blog more stores that don't already have a huge client base. If your a new designer and design for inithium kupra or legacy comment with where to find your products!! Tbh I blog any style! I'm really into having thematic shoots so i'm kinda into everything! 

  3. I’ve been trying to teach myself how create mesh hair in SL but the struggle is real!

    At this point, I’m willing to pay for someone to teach me. Does anyone have any links, thoughts or expertise to give to a mesh newbie?! And if your interested in being paid to teach me, slide me a message 😊



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