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  1. Vinetor

    How to rent out land?

    Hi guys!I need to know how can I rent out land or better to say, how to find renter fast for my land Someone help plz!ty!
  2. Ok then do a favor and get lost Ok then just do a favor and be gone!😊
  3. Actually gambling is far different from lottos So do a favor and don't try to give economical opinion or anything else you call it if you don't even know what is a lotto
  4. Impressive joke!but the difference is my horse is alive and healthy!
  5. I guess you can just right click it in inventory , click share and select the contact!tell me if it worked!
  6. Hi every body!i'm planning to run a lottery and i want to know anything i should know!all about rules and how to hire a scripter to set up the system and how to advertise!and i need to mention that i should advertise so big so many people could sign up! please help me out !thanks and waiting for your responds!
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