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  1. I don't remember well, it was a livestream on youtube that recommended me
  2. I see some videos on youtube of SL, and in one video says that to upload content of SL, you need to tell to SL to upload content about it, so where i can tell to SL that i want to upload content about it?, or i can upload whitout telling them?
  3. Hello all, i was checking that sharing an account it's against the terms, and reading all i see that you need special permission to share account.. i think?, my couple live in other city, like 1 or 2 hours of me, and both we are planning to upload in the marketplace, but i need the help of my couple to use this account, this account has all my id and billing, so what can i do?, where i can get a permission if exist to share this account or there's no way to share it?, and if i can, i need give it to her or we can use it both?
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