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  1. Have you ever just tried telling that you enjoy your time alone time to time because nothing wrong with you having me time. You can learn from a loner set boundaries. You don't have to see see everyone every breaking moment you check on people say hello how are you doing everyone needs space. I don't bother my friends every day I give people space but I do check on them do things sometimes.
  2. Your 100% right A Goddess has no time for a jerk or lower self to it she walk away. Women are human to be respected. That guy sounds like a narcissistic I would never lower myself to that he does respect women why women don't put up with this kind of crap he sounds like a little boy. High valued mature man respects a women will only have eyes for her earn the trust and not disrespect her. Some men think women are here for them we are not we are here for are self. Men and women need each other.
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