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  1. Hello @LaylonieHope I've been interested in starting a little rp family in a rp sim and honestly I think a few little ones would be nice to have. But i should let you know now that i am not a Parents i'm actually looking to be a twin. but i would love to have a but load of siblings.
  2. Hello! my name is "Primrose" and I want a roleplay family. So basically i would be 14-16 and i would like a twin brother and or a twinsister either way its fine, i would like a ton of siblings as well. Now for the family part of things I would just like parents weather it be Mom or Dad or both, either is fine, I would like to live on an rp sim any sim is fine. and if the parents have parents of their own and siblings that would be awesome. About the Family: The Owains-- this is the family name. Primrose and Anarose owain--This is the twins of the family. Now for the more interesting part that i think will catch a lot of eyes. So, i've decided to take it upon myself to make this family as realistic as possible so i am willing to do whatever i can, I spend a ***** load of L on my Avi so for a twin i know we'd need to look very similar. i'm willing to fund any and everything to make this family perfect and make sure everyone looks as similar as possible, So if you need a new mesh head or body or clothing and hair and accessories i'll pay. This not only goes on for whoever my twin would be but for the parents and potential siblings.
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