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  1. Hello @LaylonieHope I've been interested in starting a little rp family in a rp sim and honestly I think a few little ones would be nice to have. But i should let you know now that i am not a Parents i'm actually looking to be a twin. but i would love to have a but load of siblings.
  2. Hello! my name is "Primrose" and I want a roleplay family. So basically i would be 14-16 and i would like a twin brother and or a twinsister either way its fine, i would like a ton of siblings as well. Now for the family part of things I would just like parents weather it be Mom or Dad or both, either is fine, I would like to live on an rp sim any sim is fine. and if the parents have parents of their own and siblings that would be awesome. About the Family: The Owains-- this is the family name. Primrose and Anarose owain--This is the twins of the family.
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