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  1. Hi Ansel That’s a shame, I don’t share the same experience at the moment. This bug report may interest you though: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-230637 To summarise the experiences shared on this report: * Through May 2021, a number of users have reported that the SpaceMouse stopped working in Catalina where no drivers are installed (the standard position when the device is used for SL only) * It’s believed within the report its been caused by a silent Apple update * Upgrading to Big Sur resolved (but the movement experience hasn’t been as smooth as < Big
  2. Hi Russ - guessing you mean iMac not iPad Pro? If you did mean iPad I’d love to hear more I’d remove the drivers, you don’t need them for FS. I’m running Catalina and the space mouse works well. Settings I use are below.
  3. CyberDuck, VSCode, Blender, Photoshop and Gyazo! I had to laugh... these are things I'm using too This is very good detail, thank you a lot I think I can certainly cut down the RAM then.
  4. Thanks! The quote was less than my total budget (£3106, but that includes some extra stuff I've not included above like monitor, keyboard, mouse, webcam, speakers). I did choose a higher watt PSU but their site said 'no no you don't that choose this' - in different words haha. Good to know more than 16gb RAM isn't really needed, I've read on some threads that the rule of RAM is you can never have enough. But, yes, I'd probably have a couple of instances of Firestorm running and Photoshop, so not too concerned about having more. Interesting point re the storage. I chose the fast SSD
  5. Thanks, good to know - especially that you're getting good frame rate with i7 & 16mb RAM.
  6. Thanks, good to know I could still get really good performance with less.
  7. Hey I currently have a iMac that runs ok mid setting okay in firestorm - not so well in busy areas (mainland) and crawls if I have two instances of firestorm running in parallel. I’m looking to get something specifically for second life. Budget around £3500. I understand that CPU performance is the most important thing. I’ve built a quote and before I go ahead with the purchase, could you please let me know if you see any obvious issues with this configuration running on ultra with high draw distances in a busy area? Motherboard ASUS® ROG STRIX X570-F GAMING
  8. Thanks, but nope https://jira.secondlife.com/projects/BUG/issues/BUG-229699 https://jira.firestormviewer.org/browse/FIRE-30525 https://forum.3dconnexion.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=39541&start=110
  9. Okay, a slightly odd side question then What are you using for camera control (just keyboard, trackpad?) - reason I ask is that I see from SecondLife JIRA that MacOS Big Sur has stopped the 3dconnexion space mouse from working with LL Viewer/FireStorm. Holding off upgrading to Big Sur on my iMac until that's - hopefully - sorted. If I could buy this laptop with Catalina it would be perfect!
  10. Amazing!! Thanks for taking the time to post this. I remembered you said you’d receive it on Wednesday and I’ve been looking forward to the update 👍
  11. Hi Gavin - thanks very much for all this info! I'm looking to get a MPB for 'couch development and surfing' it's really nice to know SL will work with it reasonably well
  12. Thank you, I will triple check & confirm!
  13. The top image is when closeBlinds() is triggered, the second is what sometimes happen when I go out of view (eg. begin to walk downstairs then upstairs so that I don't see the blind and it's re-drawn from cache). I would think "Hmm, clear cache and retry?" but since it's happening on two instances of Firestorm (mac/windows) I guess not.
  14. Upon further testing... it looks like this issue happens with Firestorm for Windows & Mac, but not the official LL viewer.
  15. Thanks, I'll get the PRIM_POS and try using that instead. I did actually try the llOwnerSay() trick, closeBlinds() definitely not being trigged. Thanks, I'll try linking them and the control objects together, and doing it this way, particularly if it's more efficient this way - thanks. Since I know the affected blind is in a closed state (since if I relog it's closed), I know it's some kind of weird graphic caching glitch. Like has been suggested, what I've not tried is using a different viewer/windows Firestorm via Bootcamp, I'll give that a go and see if I
  16. Hi All, I have some steel shutters that listens on a channel and will open/close if a keyword is detected on a channel (emitted by a separate object). I have four such seperate objects to surround the property, each one containing a script similar to the one below (just different PRIM_POS arguments...). Here is the issue I have... on one of the blinds (prims) (the east facing one), if I close it then travel away from it for a while (walk around within the house so it's hidden from view) then eventually it appears like it's back to it's default "Open" position. Just one out of four b
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