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  1. I am looking for a cityscape, preferably downtown, to put around my house as a background. My plot is 4096 sq m if that even matters. Looking for something quality. The house is on homestead land, it's not a skybox.
  2. Can anyone recommend a single floor, high quality, modern home with modify rights at least? Preferably with a more-open open floor plan. Stairs inside the home are a big deal breaker. My plot size is big, but I want to keep the home to smaller-ish and more manageable since I suck at decorating.
  3. Fantastic! This gives me some great ideas now. Why are people no longer creating for Gianni?
  4. Can anyone recommend a high-quality black latex catsuit for Gianni? I am having a really hard time finding one that actually looks nice. I'm looking for only a shiny, solid black with no other colors on it.
  5. I am having a really hard time finding a simpler but very nice and Bento barbell nose ring. Male is preferable. I find all kinds of variations, just nothing simpler. I use a Catwa head.
  6. I have the Physics ***** and there is a UVMaps for BoM layer for a tattoo and was looking for someone to design a custom tattoo for me. It seems like a quicker job at least. If you think you can help design something I would like, contact me in world (thoughtseize).
  7. I am looking for someone to design a mask for me in Second Life. I use a CATWA head. I would prefer if I could re-color the mask but if not possible that is fine too. Here are two color examples: https://imgur.com/a/xHqSI4Q Please contact me in world (thoughtseize) and let me know what you can offer and we can go from there.
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