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  1. Update just fyi... I used the chat feature and asked for help.. the person seemed confused by the notice I was receiving and said they had never seen that before, so they opened a ticket.. I will let you know what the outcome is. Thank you all for your help!
  2. I was never part of a school.. or anything special.. I cannot figure out how to put in a picture.. but it literally says: Change Your Account Name Accounts with last name Jennings may not use the name change form. Please contact support for further assistance. When I click the contact support.. it takes me to this group.. lol.. but I guess i can put in a ticket. I would think if there are too many Jennings they would be happy to have me change the name..
  3. Hello.. I would like to change my avatar name.. but when i go to do it, it pops up and says Avatars with the last name Jennings are not able to change names? does anyone know why? I have had a premium account for several years. Does anyone know why or what i can do to change it? Thank you for any suggestions you might have. Jinna
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