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  1. Hey everyone, Cherry18 is looking for more DJs to greatly expand its roster of events and music. We are looking for DJs to potentially fill these approximate timeslots (all in SLT Time): 1700h SLT - Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 1000h SLT - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, (Every other week) Thursday, Friday, Saturday We are looking for fun current music and are happy for you to play original sets/tracks. The following styles would be great: Pop Rock General Top 40 Techno/House/etc We are an escort club in Secondlife, and you s
  2. Cherry18 is looking to get an Events Manager. We are looking for someone who: is reliable (we have had some struggles with RL taking key staff away unexpectedly) can help disruption proof their work (so if RL steals you for a day or week, we aren't suddenly finding everything falling apart) can source, and screen DJs or Live Music will collaborate to do copy on advertising and notices is happy to work for, and at, an Escort Club in SL has experience We would be up to negotiate pay based on your expectations, and performance. Please contac
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