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  1. Ok I sent the report it. I wasn't sure what category to put it under so I did Disclosure since they said personal info about acquiring the laptop.
  2. I got a message from someone today that I did not know. I started talking with this person. Something seemed strange about this as I was at my property most of the day and have no idea how this person got in contact with me. They then told me their English wasn't that good. When I checked the avi's profile, it seemed like someone's profile who's main language was English. I started having suspicious the person who is talking to me is not the owner of the avi. They then tell me this : "well can i tell u something someone gave me this account i dont know who gave me this account it was on this computer". Yeah I don't buy that someone just gave them a computer with their SL account on it. How would I go about reporting suspicious activity on someone else's account?
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