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  1. Inspiration struck and I have just created a Japanese/Chinese themed medieval-fantasy RP setting in my skydome. If you're into medieval Japanese/Chinese/Korean myths, legends, or folklore; or play any sorta medieval or medieval-fantasy characters like the kitsune, yokai, oni, sengoku samurai etc and would like to rp with my fox deity, do hit me up (username: dingieberry) or come visit (surl to my skydome can be found in my profile, hope this doesn't count as advertising lol). Any other non-Japanese/Chinese medieval/medieval-fantasy characters are welcome too!
  2. Hello @lolalilacs! You're more than welcome to join! Do drop by anytime you'd like some RP with a yokai, do refer to my profile picks (dingieberry) for the surl to my skydome ;D Looking forward to meeting you in-world!
  3. I've been looking for an active yokai-themed RP sim for the longest time but have not been successful in my search. I've recently rented a teeny tiny skydome for some yokai RP, it houses a tiny hut up in the snowy mountains which my yokai character calls home. I'm interested in looking for: A long -term RP partner (I've a story premise in mind to kickstart the RP, you're free to RP your character however you like! Feel free to IM me to discuss the details) Anyone else who may be interested in RPing with a yokai Some possible roles that would fit the setting: Human
  4. Hello there, I'm currently looking for a male character/avatar to play my character's boyfriend, tentatively named Adam (but feel free to change it to your liking). The primary focus of the story is mystery/intrigue, and the RP will take place in the modern supernatural sim, Clifton Forge (the environment is mindblowingly beautiful btw!). Here's a little info about Adam and my character, Rei: He's an aspiring musician who's gone to Clifton Forge for a 3 month long gig He supposedly went 'missing' after sending my character strange/enigmatic texts about the town and its people
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