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  1. I have tried all the trouble shooting imaginable. Here is a pictures of the setting I am using. https://imgur.com/a/w0eBPUt The first picture is with all the SL settings maxed out. The second is the lower more performance setting I use. I was in a sim with around 25-30 people in a group. The first setting (Max) I was getting 25-30 which is totally fine, the second (lower) setting I get 60+ These numbers are not obtainable in firestorm for me, the best Performance is Alchemy by far. Black dragon gets second on my system. I have found that yes Alchemy does have a signifi
  2. Hello I recently got back into SL. I was looking for feedback from AMD system users on what viewer gives them the best performance/least lag/most fps. I have used firestorm, and I find regardless of how I tweak the setting i get a way less smoother performance that when I use alchemy, I know this is not a super high fps game, but for example i will be getting 25-30 on firestorm and 45-50 on Alchemy in the same place. I like the stability of firestorm but I really prefer the smoothest game play possible. My system: Ryzen 3600 5700XT 16GB RAM (3600) I can get much better
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