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  1. Grand opening On October 1st of Extreme Kink BDSM Dance Club and Haunted Brothel is hiring now. From October 1st - 31st there will be a haunted mansion with 4 tours and scripted scenes. After the tours at the top of each hour will be a 2 hour dance party. The party will have contest and prizes. This is a huge event to market my new club. I only accept reliable and motivated hard workers. The brothel is on the second floor while the dance party is downstairs on the 1st level. There is an application box at the club door. Feel free to tour. There is still work being done for the e
  2. Sissification in BDSM This subject is oftentimes one of those preconceived notions from those who are new to the fetish/BDSM lifestyle and don’t know too much about sissification also called forced feminization. Many outsiders believe that men who dress in women’s clothing are gay or transgendered. This is not the case. We love the LGBTQ community and sissification in BDSM is not a representation of that. During a scene, you have those who enjoy being free in a safe, sane and consensual environment. The slave is there to submit to their Dom. The slave has already s
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