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  1. Hi Kytteh, Thanks for asking that. May of the founders of BoU used to work at LL, and we have a positive professional relationship established between the companies. There should be no issues.
  2. HI SL Community! I am looking to hire an SL photographer to create some marketing images for a virtual world startup called Billions of Us. Please see the Job Description below, and let me know if you are interested, I can share more information with you over email. Best to reply at dabu@billionsofus.com Thanks, and hope to hear from you, Db -- Job Description A new virtual world startup called Billions of Us is in need of high quality evocative imagery sourced from Second Life for the launch of its website. We are looking for an experienced SL photographer to Work from our shot list to create high res / high quality marketing images for use on the Billions of Us website Work within Second Life to pose / stage / create the types of imagery we are looking for Work with our staff to help pose / adjust / setup in world as needed, including Dressing / posing avatars Lighting / placing scenery / set dressings Finding / determining good camera angles that tell our story Work from our reference imagery in the shot list (approx 9 images total) Timeframe Our need is urgent Need to have all imagery captured / completed no later than Friday June 5th Budget Flexible, based on experience Budget: $75 - $150 / image in USD
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