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  1. I have a good connection. But I keep disconnected. I have pocket loss and Sim ping is very high. I dont know why. But I only have problem in my home. If I connect from an other internet connection everything is fine Any help?
  2. Arkadaşlar merhaba, SL de sürekli bağlantım kopuyor. Aşağıda istatistikler mevcut. Bu problemi sadece kendi evimdeki internette yaşıyorum. Başka bir yerden bağlandığımda problem olmuyor. kendi bağlantımın speed test sonucu aşağıda. Problem ne olabilir acaba?
  3. Well, I have tested the packet loss on SL viewer. Result is below. I have 0,7% loss and a huge ping. But when I have tested the packet loss on https://packetlosstest.com/ I have 0% packet loss and ping is below 100ms. So does it means I have a problem with SL viewer? I have re-installed the viewer but still got the same problem
  4. I have tried different location and connection and computer. Result is same
  5. After I login, 2 mins later I got this message. I am sure that I dont have any problem with my connection and the place I am in. Any help will be appriciated Thanks
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