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  1. I only been on SL two weeks almost, i must admit i did do a great job with my Avatar. Everywhere i went men and women complimented me. So i met a lot of men. However most of them much older than myself. I met one in particular.. he IMed me saying hi.. we chatted for a while honestly i thought he was a woman at first lol. So I'm thinking I'm chatting with a nice lady. I said let us meet face to face. I seen it was a guy lol. So he said you are beautiful. I said thank you. He asked to dance, i agreed. We did light chatting. I asked why he decided to talk to me. He said i noticed you in the back not dancing, all alone and that you were new. Lol i was just in my inventory teaching myself things lol.. anyway. We talked more, he mentioned the beach, i said i yet to have proper beach clothes. He said well its on me! I said wow really he said yes i really like you. He spent over 8000Ls on me that day saying "don't be cheap babe get what you want" i was shocked.. so we went dancing at the beach talking and sharing things about each other. Nice guy.. so far.. takes me shopping everyday.. with no limit.. im new so i have no clue what to buy. Anyway the third day of us talking, he said ill do anything to make u happy we are a couple. Im like (already) in just three days.. i said ehh what the heck i enjoy his company and who is so far. Sooo lol i guess ill see what happens. He allowed me access to his house and had been a Gentleman so far. What's your guys opinion?
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