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  1. This forum is way too troll-friendly anyways. I don't understand the point why a blocked person is still allowed to react with emojis. A blocked troll should be blocked totally so she/he isn't able to read or enter your threads/posts at all (and vica versa). You can see here that the trolls keep coming and keep brainlessly "laughing" at almost every decent post. And it is the same blocked trolls every time. If you want to trace a troll, just follow the "haha"-emoji on this thread. Pathetic attention seeking ****s.
  2. ...once again a computer is doing weird stuff solo....(*this post ) I wonder how to delete a postπŸ™‚ (...and now let's just sit back and wait what kinda crap I get for posting this...)
  3. There's a diffence between a comment and quoting an obvious troll that doesn't need to be given any extra attention. In which occasion I said not to comment?! How hard is it for you people to just try to understand what I'm saying and not misinterpreted everything I write and turn things around. People here argue against me with facts that are not even reflecting what I've been trying to say. Some people seem to come here just to nit pick every little thing I'm saying and trying to twist the truth (the things I'm actually saying). I didn't come here to debate/argue, but talk about how SL was in 2012 comparing to what it is now.
  4. I'd rather you didn't "quote" any of the obvious troll-posts, because I've cleared this topic-chain for myself by blocking/ignoring troll-posts. Now I feel forced to reply to a quote that I didn't want to see. Anyway, this is actually a pretty relevant fact. Some people clearly misinterpreted that I want to go back to year 2012. I don't. If you read carefully, I said I wanted a magic wand and take the game back to 2012. Not to turn back the time and actually go back to 2012. There's a big difference. So in that light, the first response was off topic. I came here to talk about how SL was in 2012 comparing to now. Not about someone's personal dating situation in 2012. If you want to talk about the actual year 2012, why don't you make your own thread.
  5. I was refering to Blaise Glendevon's reply with the avatars (from 2012 and now). This is what I wrote: "It really doesn't matter if you show me a perfect still picture of today's current avatar, because a still picture doesn't tell the whole truth. It's how the avatars and the whole game environment acts in motion that counts." I wasn't talking about pictures in general in this thread.
  6. But the fact is that in many cases, the first response is quite important. And in this case the first response I got was a lousy one liner. Believe me I understand humor and joking. But maybe people could just let some REAL answers come in before they decide to clown around. Then the issue in topic has settled in and there isn't as big a chance for the topic to go off road. I belive that the first response is important and can sometimes even determine how the conversation goes on. I did't start this topic so it'd become a thread of stupid one liners. So that's why I was frustrated to get a "joke response" as the first response. I find it arrogant to think your one liner is so damn funny that you just can't resist and need to spit it out - even if it could take the topic in hand to irrelevant directions. The truth can be revealed by exploring the motive of a certain comment - in this case the first response (which is pretty important in a conversation). I found the comment was merely arrogant and attention seeking and it had pretty much nothing to do with the topic. So what is the real motive to make such a first comment? I see it as an attempt to take the thread over and turn it to a wrong direction. And for myself, I don't want this world to be run by out-of-focus blabber mouth trolls. There's enough unnecessary noise in the world as it is. I can find my humor and comedy elsewhere when I want, thank you. You people may think I have no sense of humor, but I value quality over quantity. Some people here use this forum in similar ways as a chat window and just spit quick impulsive one liners that aren't even that funny. If you wanna be a comedian, at least try to be funny. Situation awareness is the key.
  7. Unfortunately I don't have pictures taken in 2012 so I could proof my point. But no matter how many picture evidence people post, I still stick to my opinion: For me, SL ran smoother in 2012. And in my eyes, the graphics were just fine back then. It really doesn't matter if you show me a perfect still picture of today's current avatar, because a still picture doesn't tell the whole truth. It's how the avatars and the whole game environment acts in motion that counts. So if you want to bring me a valid evidence, a video clip would suit better. But then there's the fact that everyone only wants to highlight their "truth" by bringing such videos (or other evidence) that are in line with their own opinion. In 2012 I had an extremely basic and grappy lap top and SL ran really smoothly in it. That's why I was amazed to discover how slow and laggy it was for me now that I revisited SL. I know my current computer is pretty basic and far from any gamer's pc units, but still I thought it would have ran smoother. Thank you for all your answers and tips πŸ’—. I hope I'll get to tune my SL so I can at least get some enjoyment out of it πŸ™‚.
  8. It seemed to be turned off already, but thanks for the tip anyway πŸ™‚.
  9. Thank God for ignore/block button πŸ’— And thanks for every response that stays actually on the topic 🧑🧑🧑.
  10. The first time I got to know Second Life was around the year 2012. I did'n't have time to use it much back then, but the thing I remember was this: Second Life used to be much more user friendly and simple. For example, it was a lot easier for a beginner to make your own avatar and find things from different categories (inventories and so on...). Now Second Life seems to become an insiders venue where you need lots of "secret" knowledge how to run things smooth. Or you need to read complicated instructions that make sure you'll lose interest and focus within seconds. And you need to have a super computer to run the "game". I'm amazed how slow and lagging SL is comparing to what it was in 2012. And this can't be explained with better content and graphics, because what I remember - the graphics were actually better back then. The inventory section is a complete mess. For example, you have to pick your clothes pretty much blindfolded from the category. It'd be nice to have a neat wardrobe closet where you could see what you have and choose easily. And most of the time the inventories you've purchased wont work/open. I wish I had a magic wand and was able take this game back to where it used to be, in 2012...
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