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  1. Hello, I ran into an odd phenomenon on my sim. I was walking around my carnival and came across and area where I started to walk up, away from the ground. At first I thought there was an invisible prim there but this picture is taken with "highlight invisible" turned on and there is clearly nothing. I'm more curious than alarmed at this but I'd hate for guests to have to deal with this. If anyone understands what's happening please let me know. I'd like to fix the issue if possible. No, I'm not flying and my hover is at 0. Thank you, Eileen O'Langhaim (Eileen Jazzhands)
  2. Hello, I am the owner of two regions, Mary Lous (a full region) and Deora Milis (a homestead). I am inquiring on what it would entail to move these regions adjacent to one another (Deora Milis to the North of Mary Lous). Thank you for your anticipated response, Eileen Jazzhands
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