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  1. I have already contacted Billing.
  2. look at the screenshots .. today I didn’t get L $ .. then I started to look and found earlier that I also didn’t get L $
  3. Я сразу получил L $, когда реальные деньги были сняты I immediately received L $ as soon as real money was withdrawn from a credit card
  4. I understood, already wrote .... Thanks
  5. I was charged real money from my credit card, then I ask you to return it or the real money that I spent on L $ as a result there is no real money and no L $
  6. I always received L $ this time did not come, I would like to know why?
  7. Hello, I made a purchase of order numbers 79149513, 79149464, 79149456, 79011503, 78857580, 78848173, 78848170, but why didn’t my balance be replenished? Thanks in advance, waiting for an answer.
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