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  1. Hello, My name is Purr I am currently in the market for a restaurant or cafe for my sim, i am looking to draw some attention for both your business and mine. I am looking for something that caters to all types of people including children. A spot for those who photograph and for bloggers. Please message me inworld @Purrsin and or send me a notecard thank you for your time ^^
  2. Purrsin


    Thank you for responding and it was used in “the white crow” ad. Not his product.
  3. Purrsin


    I am looking for this product, does anyone know who the creator is if possible please and thank you! I also have tried getting to the creator of the ad who used the product in their photo but have yet to receive a response.
  4. Purrsin


    thank you
  5. Purrsin


    So I have looked everywhere and have looked at many possible creators does anyone know who made this product? please someone help. It was used in an ad for the white crow and yes i have tried reaching out to him and he has yet to respond this was two months ago when i sent him the message.
  6. Ok, so i am having this problem where when in edit mode to move an item it no longer shows if i am placing it correctly ex: if i were to move it over a table it doesnt allow me to see it unless i get really close to the item, and now its showing this yellow line that it never showed before. how to i stop it? I use Firestorm for secondlife. Please and thank you!
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