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  1. oof sorry pokofy thing just loaded in ^^; my pc has been lagging and i mean its sl it could be if where honest X"D
  2. I feel bad i forgot all about this yeah sorry this was before i realize we was gonna get payed nice amount by the government, that a lot of jobs are still open and L price has dropped so you can ignore this unless someone finds this interesting i guess...? *shrugs* Also i admit it was a little much lol although i think sl would be fine god knows they make enough. I only meant them losing sl because they would lose people not do to money i know there good on that. But... yeah im just gonna leave this now unless theirs a way to close this then if not i guess leave it...
  3. Also not trying to make drama nor scare people just want people to be open minded about this that is all.
  4. yeah but arent you worried if that happens that means unless people all stop paying bills to save there last L or cant because they spent it all on bills that means every one gonna lose all there places if it last for a long time. Yes i agree rl is more important but if theres places besides the devs i feel like sl is gonna die and i know lot of people use this game to get away from stress which is gonna be even harder sense people are gonna need a get away especially now out of all times. I know what im saying is a long stretch but doesnt mean it cant happen either so im just hope the devs ke
  5. So i was wondering how are we post to pay are land bill if we cant work do to lock down of this corona virus? An if you say work on sl inst that gonna make mass people take those jobs forcing others to lose there homes that cant find a sl job? Another thing is we soon wont be able to even sell things sense we will have to hold onto it for bills forcing creators that make money this way not make any income. So like clubs no tips how are they gonna pay there people and the land by its self is gonna be a big bill to handle by your self.
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