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  1. Thank you all for your help. it seems the problem is that i have 100% packet loss and the problem is in sunnyvale or great oaks... not a local problem.. no idea whne they will fix the problem but seems there is nothing i can do. Thanks all Penny
  2. it must be something happening locally... but i cant figure out what... i have good connection, ive reset my router/modem... ive uninstalled and reinstalled my viewer.. i tried a different viewer.. ive tried different accounts..i created a new account... nothing is working...
  3. none of this has worked
  4. thank you all for your help
  5. my internet is working great... i have good download speeds
  6. no matter the location i try to login at it is the same
  7. PenelopeSaint

    login fail

    Can't access SL because my viewer stops loading at "Requesting region Capabilities." Any ideas on what is going wrong?
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