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  1. How I came to SL It all started when my Father pensioned himself and took up reading. After reading a Novel by Jonathan Safran Foer he was reminded that there was Another Life, which he briefly tried in 2003 when it was NEW (shortly before I was born). So he created an Account and logged in to SL 3 days after Christmas. He saw that technically everything had improved a lot during my lifetime. He spent a week watching, listening and reading before he decided to upgrade his account and get himself a Linden Home. Even if my Father has worked more than 40 years in Computer Softwa
  2. Miracle. Somebody did something. My Farther bought a new home for us.
  3. My Mother says:Thank you very much. It works for me. Wish somebody could do something for my Minni.
  4. I just wish I could visit my parents. My Farther resides in a Linden Home. My Mother lives with the fact, that she cannot set this as her Home. She lives there all the same. I am 17. That is very different from being 18. I am only permitted to visit 'G' places. I am not allowed to visit my parents because Linden Homes are maturity level 'M'. My wish for a new type of Linden Home is: Make a 'G' level type. Or create a new type of group (family) with permissions that supersede the current limitations. I trust my Farther to manage such a group. It seems we are an extremely sma
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